HOP! Make a jump and regenerate Bollate: the project

Posted on 4 luglio 2016 Under English 0 Comments

The municipality of Bollate, a suburb of Milan, has started an process of ‘Sustainable urban development’, that foresees interconnected actions and resources, following the goals of POR FESR and the POR FSE (a subsidy) from 2014-2020 of the Regione Lombardia. Its aims are to realise social inclusion and the requalification of the public housing quarters with special attention to the topic of social housing.

The transformations that the municipality has planned require involvement of the people living and working in the territory and at the same time a change of mindset. The people and institutes that are called to intervene are many and are interdepend on each other. Besides that, the territory and all its social parts can generate different scenarios necessary to observe and understand beforehand. This to use the different actions more efficient, knowing how to align with the spirit of the available finances of the fifth axe of the POR FESR of urban regeneration.

To work out the actions that have to initiate the complex process of urban regeneration, ZUP – the recipe for change was given the task to start and follow the participation process (see the attached presentation, in Italian).

ZUP has realised an intervention, called HOP! Make a jump and regenerate Bollate, aimed at stakeholders and citizens. The goal of this process is to accompany a process of urban regeneration, and create an itinerary for the regeneration of ideas.

In five months, we have created a solid base for the works to be programmed in the next five years. In five months, we have tried to make a jump, starting from the most beautiful elements of Bollate, with the élan of he who looks ahead. In five months we took the time to unveil the questions of our territory and find strategic solutions, starting from the good experiences, from those already done, trying to connect them to others, create a network and systemate them. To find solutions for that which one still has to do. In five months we haven’t been able to make miracles happen, but thanks to a series of laboratories, we have been able to program the future steps.