The common places

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The lab ‘the common places’ served make sure that no-one took for granted nothing related to the territory they live in, to look at it with different eyes, to understand which of the aspects are striking/outstanding whether in a positive or in a negative way, to individuate news geographies, to create new maps and new recipes for potential transformations.

Again we use the picture cards dedicated to Bollate (we discussed them earlier). The ten participants selected some of them, first to discuss and then as a ‘guide’ for the trip planned for the second part of this workshop.


The main goals were to find ‘the beauty’ and ‘the surprises’ in Bollate. With a different approach, ready to see the unexpected, not to follow the usual route, change the way in which things get interpreted and to find new questions to respond to.

In the afternoon, when the participants are back at the workshop location, ZUP guides them through the next steps which follow each other soon after another: the participants wrote down their observations of the exploration done in the morning and added their wishes and projects for Bollate. These were immediately combined with ingredients chosen from the food cards of ZUP and the kitchen gestures which indicate how to prepare the recipe and thus how they intend to work in the territory (in a fast way, in small pieces, ecc.). We conclude the intensive lab with the presentations of the four recipes that are the summary of the work we have done in the last twelve hours.