The common places: give shape to our ideas

Posted on 8 luglio 2016 Under English 0 Comments

After a short side-step – we organized a lab with architects and urbanists in which we discussed the topics as space, living, sustainability – we continued the itinerary of HOP!

‘We were younger and we were free’, says Adele in her song dedicated to a lover of the past. And exactly with this, putting in the centre those who are still young, we open the last phase of HOP! called ‘Give shape to our ideas’. The first meeting is attended by professionals and volunteers working for associations, parishes, schools and other institutes that work with young people. The workshop functioned as a hinge between the six labs concluded between February and April and the last two still to execute with a new audience: young people of 16 to 24 years in age.

Give shape to our ideas is, as the title already announces, dedicated to put into action that what is said during the first six labs. This combined with the ideas developed by the municipality or by the network of stakeholders.


For the last two labs we’ve invited the young people living and/or working in Bollate and asked them to put into action their capacity to reinterpretate Bollate, starting from their view point, from their needs, from their proposals. Two labs to understand how they move themselves within the city, which parts of Bollate they know and where they live, and which parts are unknown to them of preferred not to be visited, where they do study or work (we talk of people from the age of 16 to 24 years old) and what they do in their free time. As tools we used the black map, specific questions, time-slots, tools to visualise the discussion and at the same time create a selection of the most important topics individuated. All this in a warm atmosphere in which we are able to keep high the level of concentration and energy.

Without telling the participant anything about the black map, each of the participants needed to scratch away the layer of black, ‘the carbon’ to then discover that underneath it one finds Bollate, a ‘diamant’ (citing a 17 years old participant): see the city of Bollate, (re)orientate and redesign it.


Bollate has a lot of potentialities, it is seen as a beautiful city, there is no need to flee from it. Not at all, the young people of Bollate have a lot of ideas to make their own city more attractive for themselves and their age-mates. They proposed, amongst others, to create a skate park, realize urban gardens (also in Castellazzo, an area often named in the first series of labs) or educational green houses, find a space for street artists, realise a softair field in one of the many abandoned areas. Also they suggest to reassure to give access to spaces in which bands, dj’s, dance groups and theatre groups can rehearse.

The diamant is already their. Now all we have to do is get away the carbon and make it visible to everyone.