Wake-up talk: housing

Housing (‘abitare’ in italian) is a scene that today has to deal with and is subject to a transformation process of both the economic, management, strategic, relational and communication models.

The new challenges one has to deal with are amongst which the economic crisis, the ageing population, the changes of lifestyles and of the communications (more access, less possession), new poverties and sharing economy. All this requires a new effort of those who manage and own houses and condominium, owners of housing and complexes, both for the traditional ones, dedicated to the private market, as well as the public housing, the housing cooperatives or those active in cohousing.

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In the last years’ ZUP has worked with some of them and, during different commissions in the housing sector, has collected interesting cases, in cohousing, in urban regeneration. Both small and short but also big and long term experiences that describe how the sector is able to innovate, in an incremental or radical way, with approaches and profiles in transformation, with new o (r)innovate tools and methods.

In order to explain and discuss these experiences, to put them into a spotlight, to inspire, to learn, to go deeper into it and to disperse them,  ZUP has given birth to a new initiative called wake-up talk, breakfasts in which we talk about new approaches to housing.

It is a new concept and we are proud to have realized and experimented it:  the wake-up talks, short and well curated meetings that start with two short presentation of cases or experiences of one of the partners and end in discussions facilitated by ZUP. The wake-up talk, as the name suggests, are held at breakfast time, with selected invitees, with a special attention to the topics and the arguments. The aim: give the participants and ourselves the opportunity to exchange ideas and to reason with different people on the housing topic.

The wake-up talk are an idea of ZUP and have received the patronage of Legacoop abitanti. Not without reason: for some time now, we are reasoning and exchanging ideas and reflections with those cooperatives (amongst which legacoop) that manage innovation and sustainability. We’ve found a group of partners BuonAbitareFondazione Housing Sociale (who we’ve got to know in Via Cenni), Cooperativa Edificatrice Ferruccio Degradi (from the vegetable garden in Via Silla but not only), Uniabita, MM, Sunia, DARCASA and QLS or Quality Living Services). With each of each of them we had a meeting: to get to know each other a bit better and to decide on the case to present during the wake-up talks.


Also the selection of the location of the wake-up talk was well considered. We chose for Cafè Gorille as it is a welcoming and warm place that has a history of transformation in its DNA and that today presents a testimony of modern hospitality, multi-coloured, of good quality.

The objectives of the wake-up talk are to exchange ideas and to confront different experiences related to new forms of housing, to promote the innovation in the housing sector and a new way to think about the relations and solutions.

The pictures of the three wake-up talks of the first can be found on the facebook page of ZUP. Like to know more about the wake-up talks? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.